Morocco with kids — easy DIY itinerary

Thinking of visiting Morocco with kids? This north African country is a great destination for families yearning for a memorable, more adventurous holiday. Morocco is only four hours from the UK but feels a world away. With its historic walled cities, labyrinthine souks, vast deserts, stunning mountain scenery, and colourful coastal towns, the country almost has too much to offer!…

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House swapping: 7 reasons we love to home exchange

Two summers ago we set off for a holiday in the Loire Valley with more trepidation about our accommodation than usual. We had booked a beautiful three bedroom home in a converted farmhouse. It had a lovely large garden with a little pop up swimming pool to cool off in. So why the nerves, you might ask? Because it was…

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Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam with kids

Eyebrows were raised when I told people our main family holiday this year was a house swap to Amsterdam. With its infamous cannabis cafes and Red Light District, the city is often associated with sex and drugs rather than family activities. Those who had visited had invariably gone for just a weekend, and couldn’t imagine how we would fill one…

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